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Trouble Listening?

Trouble Listening?
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  1. There are three ways to address Listening Issues. The easiest is to click on the "Install Patch" link below, click that you agree, & run & install the patch, which will correct the problem.
  2. If you still have problems, download, run, & install Winamp from the Install Winamp link. The player should start downloading automatically. If the download does not start click where noted to begin download.
  3. Finally, if all else fails, follow the advice below:
Several Websites, Programs, & Viruses steal your right to use the Player & Link of your choice. If Winamp, Media Player, or RealPlayer fail to open when you click "Listen Here", please do the following:

   1. Open My Computer, Click On Tools, Folder Options, then File Types.
   2. Scroll down to PLS, Highlight it, & click Change.
   3. Choose Winamp, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer.
   4. Do the above step even if that program is already chosen.
   5. Click OK, then Close.
   6. This should take care of the problem.

If all else fails, go to , then Search for tete, choose Radio Tete Ensemble. We apologize for these problems, but they are due to circumstances beyond our control...

Install Patch

Install Winamp

Radio Tete Ensemble* Studio Lines (239) 652-5773 (239) 652-5774 (239) 652-5775 (239) 652-5776